Call Center

Boost Your Call Center Results

When you invest advertising dollars in a quality mailer that drives a phone call as the call to action, neglecting to invest in a trained and dedicated team to handle inbound calls is a big mistake that can be disastrous to your campaign’s outcome. 

In the normal, day-to-day busyness of the workday, it may seem like a reasonable expectation from time to time to place callers on hold or ask them to leave a message. But prospects who call in response to your mail promotion are very hot leads. If you do not attend to their needs immediately, you will likely not get a second chance. 

A dedicated call center team is a powerful force that has your mail recipients’ inbound calls at the forefront of their minds. They will not get sidetracked by other tasks. 

For best results, select a dedicated, offsite call center. The call center management will be experienced in predicting call volume. They know how to train staff in handling inbound calls quickly and efficiently, and to schedule them properly. Depending upon a call center allows you to leverage opportunity cost. Because your own staff does not deal with inbound calls that result from your mailer, they are available for their own daily, revenue-generating work. 

A call center team is fully trained to ensure each caller receives the utmost care and professional attention — immediately — which translates to money for your business. Your investment in a dedicated call team will pay for itself in the additional revenue you experience. 

We’re here to help you succeed with the phone calls your marketing campaign will generate. Contact the team at Classic Mail to find out more.


As a Classic Mail client, you can enjoy optional call tracking that enables you to oversee your inbound calls, listen to them, and view your progress using an online dashboard.