Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail

Prices vary for mail, depending on the type of mailer chosen and the shipping rate. Prices begin in the 40 cent range and can go up depending on the complexity of design and production. Usually, more intricate designs have a higher price, but typically they generate the most consumer interest and many more sales.

We’ve got nothing against digital marketing. In fact, we offer a digital lead nurturing and appointment scheduling service to enhance your direct mail campaigns. We’re actually fans of a multichannel approach to marketing and favor it due to much quantitative evidence that shows it works. But digital options can be fickle. Your bulk emails could end up in the spam folder. Digital ads can be overlooked or otherwise not noticed due to ad blockers. Even worse, in the wake of COVID, a sensation known as “digital saturation” could mean your digital marketing would be seen as objectionable. In contrast, direct mail is delivered straight to homes, so it is much more visual, personal, and welcome. A mailer can have a much longer shelf life, because it may be set aside for later reference. Direct mail provides credibility because it is tangible.

On your very first direct mail campaign, you’ll want to allow time for a strategy discussion, for you to choose the right mailer, for us to design your mailer to your liking, and to ensure that the best mailing list is chosen. We suggest two to three weeks in total for the first time. If you are repeating an earlier campaign, typically a week would work. Additional time is needed for some specialty mail that is hand-glued or hand-folded.

Various shipment options exist. 

First Class Mail is of highest priority at the United States Postal Service. Your mail is usually delivered in 3 to 4 days after we drop it off at the post office for you. If you need a short delivery timeline, you should choose First Class Mail. We also strongly recommend companies send mail First Class during the winter holidays, when the USPS processes about a BILLION mail pieces.

Automated, triggered mail campaigns must be executed quickly. These campaigns that follow abandoned cart or other marketing drivers are time sensitive and should always be sent First Class to “strike while the iron’s hot” with prospects and clientele.

Next best is Priority Mail delivery. Your mail sent Priority generally takes up to five business days.

Standard and nonprofit mail, also called bulk mail, can take as little as five days. But because it is processed at the USPS as quickly as time allows after the higher priority mail is handled, delivery time can stretch to as much as 21 days after we drop it off. This is usually the case during busier times of the year or when inclement weather impedes deliveries.

EDDM stands for Every-Door Direct Mail, a type of mail campaign facilitated by the USPS. It is a cost-effective method of blanketing homes in a wide geographic area. As the name implies, every home gets your mailer. You do not need to pay for a mailing list and do not choose specific qualifications for it. EDDM is great for grand openings, sales, or any other offering that would appeal to any consumer.

You can count on us to handle your whole mail job: campaign strategy assistance, mailing lists, graphic design, production, printing and shipping. Your price includes all of it. We also offer incentives for you to use as tools to ensure your offer promoted on your mailer is noticed and your recipients want to take action.

You bet. We can accept your design file from a wide variety of compatible file formats, and we charge no setup fees.

No. You can send one direct mail campaign or continue forever. You can start or stop whenever you want.

Yes. Classic Mail is a commercial direct mail house, which means we cater to businesses. We can give you the best prices with higher volumes of mail due to economies of scale. Our minimum quantity for direct mail is generally 2,500 pieces. Some specialty pieces require a minimum of 5,000 mailers. You can mail those 2,500 or 5,000 on separate occasions within a few weeks.

Absolutely. Just ask for assistance.

Yes. Classic can set you up with a call tracking phone number to use on your mailer. This virtual number feeds calls directly to your inbound call center. Using this option, you are able to log into an online dashboard to view a wide range of helpful analytics. Check out what days most of your calls were received, or what times were most popular. Every call is recorded for your review, so that you can hear and review your prospects’ questions and staff’s responses.

Incentives sweeten the pot to encourage your direct mail recipients to take the action you desire. We know from experience what works, and we can guide you toward the right incentive for your type of recipients.

You choose. We offer many premium incentives with high value to the consumer at low cost to you, due to our ability to buy large volumes.

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