Businesses may choose to mail their cards or letters to every home within a specific area using the U.S Postal Service mailing option called Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM. This selection provides a cost-effective means to advertise products and services to every household within a ZIP code, neighborhood, city or metro area at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail.



  • No mailing list required
  • Postage as low as 16 cents per piece per mailing.
  • Send out local or nationwide campaigns.
  • No postage permit and no mailing fees for local campaigns.
  • Deliver 200-5,000 mail pieces per day locally without having to obtain a permit
  • Deliver larger mailings nationwide with a permit.[spacer]


  • Every Door Direct Mail Retail: designed for local businesses that want to send campaigns of 200-5,000 pieces daily to the local market. No permit required.
  • Every Door Direct Mail Business: designed for larger businesses that want to send larger campaigns to local and nationwide market. Permit required (we can help you with the permit process).[spacer]

HOW IT WORKS[spacer]

  1. Select the design and type of marketing material (flyer, brochure, oversized postcard, coupon, menu, etc.). We can use your design or create it for you.
  2. Define your target delivery area using the USPS online EDDM tool. Our in-house experts can help you with this, as well as complete for you the required paperwork.
  3. You approve your mail piece design.
  4. You pay the printing, postage, and shipping.
  5. We print your mailing and take it from there. We deliver your mailing to the US Postal Service and they deliver your piece to every household in the specified carrier route within three business days.